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Holistic Parent is your one stop store where you can find everything you need for your family, babies and children that will be long-lasting, health conscious and environmentally friendly.  The products on our website have been personally selected, tried and tested by our family and friends.  Since we have been using them and love them, we think you will too.  

We have made an effort to be informed, which helps us make the best choices for our family and our planet.  We like to buy products that last a long time.  I know you are thinking, "doesn't everybody?"  I don't like having to replace products, it costs a lot of money and creates a lot of trash.  When a person goes shopping, it is hard to know how good a product is, or how durable it is, especially when little children are rough on things. When you shop at Holistic Parent, you will know the products will last, a long time, because we have tried them and have been using them and we place our confidence in them and so can you.

Our commitment to our customers is not only providing these products, but to continue trying and testing new products hitting the market, so that we can stay on the cutting edge of providing the best, easiest to use and longest lasting eco-friendly products available today.

My daughter is using a Klean Kanteen sippy cup that is more than 5 years old and it is in perfect working condition.  Wouldn't you like to buy a sippy for your 1 year old that they could still be using as a sport water bottle when they are 6 years old?  Our high chairs come with an infant seat, which can sit an infant, converts for toddlers, youth and holds up to 250lbs in the adult setting.  That means, 1 chair, for life; you save money and the environment and the chair is beautiful. 

Our Team


After graduating from college, I started analyzing my lifestyle.  I realized that the key to good health was good nutrition, exercise, taking care of my body and taking care of our earth.  I began reading all the labels of all the food I bought and avoiding artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and preservatives.  I started buying natural and organic food whenever possible.  I stopped using paper towels and began to eliminate plastics from our home.  We purchased stainless steel bowls and dinner plates.  Over the past 10 years I have tried to convert everything in our home to environmentally friendly, reusable and healthy products. 

I am now the proud mother of 3 wonderful children.  After becoming a mom, I learned that the chemicals in plastic water bottles, containers and utensils could be leaching into my breastmilk and my children's food.  I switched over to stainless steel bottles for our drinking water.  We also use stainless steel children's and adults cups in our home.  As a person with sensitive skin, I cannot use the commercial soaps from big box stores, the chemicals dry my skin out and cause me itching and pain.  I found some wonderful natural bath and skin products that are perfect for sensitive skin and for babies sensitive skin.

I have continued to seek good products from responsible companies that are good for my family and the environment.  It takes a lot of time to find good products and when I do, I make sure to share them with my friends and family.  Now, through Holistic Parent, I can share them with everyone.  If there is a product that you do not see on here and would like to learn more about it, or know if we have tried it, just fill out the Contact Us form and I'll get back to you with some answers.  

Additionally, when I had my first baby, I acquired an enormous amount of useless things that one really doesn't need, so I can help you pick all the necessary baby items for the birth of your child.  The items that I will recommend will in most cases only need to be bought once, will last through multiple children and can be passed down to someone else when you are done with them.  I look forward to your feedback and/or questions.



I have been working at Holistic Parent since 2014.  I manage all of the inventory, new accounts and personnel issues.  I moved to South Carolina over 3 years ago after working in State Government for over 17 years.  As one of the few employees without children, well I have 2 cats.  I appreciate and love being part of an organization that focuses on parents and babies. 





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