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I dream of diapers...and other stuff too!

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Don't we all dream of diapers, agitators going, the sweet smell of detergent and a wet bag to put all our worries in?! 


Okay, maybe we aren't really dreaming of diapers but I know if you're into cloth diapers, you have your radar up when new styles or things come out.I would say majority of the people I meet and talk to on the topic of cloth diapers say they got into it for one of two things, its cheaper and its more environmentally friendly. I do hear the occasional reasoning that their children may be allergic or sensitive to disposables, like my middle child was but most of the times its because well its more cost effective. 


Multiple prints come out, favorite retailers put out exclusives that you MUST have, or like anything else, you become a collector. People collect all sorts of things; stamps, Pyrex, cars, bottles, kids, cloth diapers. And like any good collector, your collection may never really be complete, theres always something that catches your eye that you HAVE TO HAVE! When you get to collector status, cost efficiency goes out the window, yeah its great for the environment but owe! Check out that new shade of green! or that amazing bum placement. By the end of your cloth diaper journey you're left looking at all these diapers wondering how did this happen? Yes, I've been there before! 

So I guess what I'm getting at is that theres always something new around the corner in this industry, thats what makes it so exciting! I am extremely excited to present the Smart Bottoms Dream diaper to our customers, which actually went on sale TODAY! I've talked about these diapers a little and have been intrigued by them since the announcement back in October at ABC about their impending release. 


The new Smart Bottoms Dream diapers come in 9 different colors/prints, some are crossovers from the 3.1 line up but some are new for the line. Some of the new colors/prints are ; Ballet (Pale pink), Dapper (royal Blue), Fixer Upper (navy back with tools), Heinrich (royal back with dinos!), Lucky (shamrock green), and Tulip (bright pink). The other colors/prints these are available in are; Sprinkles, Dublin, and Enchanted - we hope other colors and prints will be added to this line up! 


Last week when we got our shipment in, I ended up taking a Ballet Dream diaper home, I liked the pale pink and thought it would be a great addition to our already pastel lineup. At first glance they look like a 3.1 but they are VERY trim, I almost thought mine was skipped and didn't get an insert but it was all in there! I will be completely honest, while excited, I was hesitant about this diaper because 3.1s just do not work for us, they gap in the front and the uncased elastics were a deal breaker for us. I owned a few 3.1 when my youngest, Nora Kate was very small, so I thought hey lets give them another chance and plus I love testing products out so I can come back and tell our customers about them! 


So I get the diaper home, I inspected it, made a short video describing how it feels, the soft yet sturdy quality of the insert and the awesome plus that this does NOT need to be prepped. So unlike the 3.1 diapers, these are a one and done! Which I know is a BIG plus for customers, the same ones who often times are a little intimidated by the thought of washing their diapers 4-7 times to reach maximum absorbency! The continuous wash instructions for absorbency for a new mom who's already up to her nose in laundry sometimes is a deal breaker and while seasoned cloth diaper vets know the reasoning behind it, explaining it to a newer mom or dad is kind of like explaining algebra to me - I just don't get it! and why?! So the no prep for the Dream diapers are definitely a dream come true, no pun intended! 



So for myself and what works for my family and time, we tend to stick to AIO (All in Ones) they're just easier, my husband doesn't need a lesson on how to stuff or snap or which insert goes to what diaper and quite frankly, I like when he changes diapers. I like a pocket for when I go out, or for night, I can stuff to my hearts content and its easy for me. Then theres hybrids, I also love a good hybrid like Best Bottoms or GroVia ONES, some may view them as shells, I like to say hybrids though.

So when I see the Dream diaper and its all 3 of those, its exciting! I know our customers LOVE what they love, they like ease and definitely efficiency and this diaper is all of that! The Smart Bottoms 3.1 has a long flap-like insert that is sewn in, making it an AIO diaper. The Dream diaper has the same skeleton but BAM! The insert snaps in and out, theres 2 snaps and the insert is in and can be folded in half for added absorbency. I had someone ask the other day, what if I don't want to fold in half? You could also stuff the remaining of the insert in the pocket opening, yes I said pocket opening! Because I cant turn down a good pocket! While I'm on the topic of pockets, I will say, the PUL flap on the front, inner of the diaper is my LEAST favorite part of the diaper. It doesn't seem to lap flat for us while on, when the diaper is on its coming up and out of the diaper, which for some wouldn't be bothersome but for me I just imagine it being uncomfortable. This is really the ONLY thing I don't fancy about this great diapering system. 

So Nora Kate wore this diaper the very next day after I got it, she had it on for about 2.5-3 hours which is usually her tipping point of to leak or not to leak. I was pleasantly surprised when I changed her to find her clothes dry and the diaper held up to its job. She had a messy diaper :O so off to the washing machine it went, the insert did stain and without a few good days of sunshine, I was unable to sun it out. We wore the diaper another time and again, no leaks or issues, this time we tried it out for bedtime. I used the insert it came with, with NO added absorbency. Nora Kate is a nighttime nursing champion and typically makes a GroVia ONE double its weight after a long night of sleep, or nursing spree I should say. The Dream diaper yet again amazed me that this trim diaper was able to withstand a full night of wetness with no leaks. After this go around in the washer, no sunning yet, the stain from the first wear had lightened up. I did notice the insert shrunk a little from being put in the dryer. I did hang the actual diaper up to dry, but the inserts, like all our others, went in the dryer. 


All in all, im pleased with the diapers performance, she seems comfortable in it, no marks on the legs, or issues thus far with leaks, or performance issues. I am definitely happy that Smart Bottoms decided to bring out another diaper aside from the 3.1, I like many consumers like choices and I am very pleased with this new choice and will be adding a few more to our stash! 


The price point on these are $31, whereas 3.1s are $29 so they are definitely comparable in price. The overnight inserts (which are on backorder) are an extra cost of $12. These inserts are multiple layers of hemp and organic cotton. The overnight inserts snap into the diaper in place of the insert that it comes with. The overnights would be a great option for an extreme heavy wetter or a nighttime solution to avoid any leaks. 


I was asked how these compare to the GroVia ONES, which I know a lot of moms who use these for nighttime diapers, as do I. I think they are very comparable to the ONES, but more trim! My daughter is actually sleeping in a GroVia one and she has quite the booty on her with it on, so if you're a fan of a trim diaper, I say try a Dream diaper! 


( Nora Kate sleeping with her Dream Diaper on :P ) 


So I promised I would touch on other products but I could probably ramble all night about the new products and other great things we have in stock and coming to us! Heres my list of must haves for the holiday season, and don't forget theres still time to order before Christmas! 


Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, my 4-year old ABSOLUTELY loves these and they get her into the tub without a fight! She has sensitive skin, and doesn't take too kindly to lotions or changes in detergent, etc. but we used a few of these and had no issues whatsoever. They were fun to toss in and in the end got a little surprise of a fortune! These retail for $7.50 and would make great stocking stuffers! 

FatBrain Toys Spin Again! We got a bunch of new toys in this week but this one is possibly one of my favorites, the spinners on it look like gears and it come with a pole-like thing that they spin on to. If turned upside down they will spin off on their own, which is pretty entertaining for a toddler to watch gravity take control! This retails for $29.95

SoapSox, I knew these would sell quick, I didn't think we would be placing a reorder in just 4 days after receiving them! We are almost sold out of these so when I say run, I really mean it! The Disney ones are super cute and familiar faces to your little ones, but the regular line up ones are adorable as well! You can put a bar of soap or squeeze some body wash/soap into the little pocket. I have yet to try these out because we cant seem to keep them in stock and I want all of our customers to get them in time for the holidays! And did I mention they are SUPER soft and another great stocking stuffer or a great gift idea for any kid, need a gift for the neighbor? Get them a SoapSox, plus moms will thank you for giving kids an incentive to get in the tub! These retail for $12.50-14.50


We hope you guys love the new Dream diapers and everything else we recently received, and definitely keep checking our Facebook page, Holistic Parent and Holistic Parent Addicts to see the newest things we have and for any sales updates! We would also love to congratulate our #mommymonday winner from Facebook, Alicia Rhoads Higdon, congrats on winning! And be sure to check our page each Monday for a chance to win something special just for our fellow moms! <3 


Thanks and have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas! 



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