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First and foremost, Welcome! We are so excited to take on new adventures and experiences at Holistic Parent (HP.) You'll sometimes see me refer to Holistic Parent as HP, and no I don't mean Harry Potter :O 

For those who don't know or aren't familiar with us, Holistic Parent was founded about 5 years ago when the owner, Connie Bennett, decided she wanted to be able to sell the amazing products she herself was using for her own three children. Connie started out by selling some of these products from her home, I actually was one of her customers when my older daughter was an infant and I was new to the cloth diaper world. I use to show up at her house and buy cloth diapers from her inventory room AKA her living room equipped with a display table (pool table!) Connie loves bringing new products to customers and really cares and researches the ingredients, manufacturing processes and the chemicals that go into these products that are so near and dear to our little ones. 

We have since evolved to an actual store front, you can visit us and check out all the amazing products and brands that we have to offer! We are always open to brand suggestions and new products too! But know, we will do our research on them before carrying them! 


a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead
So the definition may be a little off for us because we don't sport horns projecting from our foreheads but we are definitely mythical creatures. There's only a few of us behind this operation at Holistic Parent but you would think we had a whole army by our shipping turn around times, huge sales and even bigger hearts. We are all so incredibly dedicated to our jobs and customers that sometimes we often get asked by family if we're "done" working, well for us it never stops, we are never really done - a typical 9-5 doesn't really happen around here and we're really okay with that. I will say the occasional customer who has private messaged at 3am  or called my personal phone can be a little overwhelming. We call ourselves "Unicorns" because well theres not many around who would do the things we do, we are away from our families, constantly giving and doing and we seriously love every minute of it! 
Because our plate is never full we just launched our exclusive Tula, Love Floats. This Tula came out during #hurricaneMatthew that impacted our South Carolina coast, we've decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from Love Floats sales to a local organization to help those in our community who are still being impacted by the storm. The storm may have only lasted a day but almost 2 weeks later we are still experiencing flooding and the damages just seem to keep piling up! We all seem to know somebody impacted by the hurricane and the aftermath that has followed, my sons basketball coach has 3 feet of water in his home and countless friends have rising waters by their homes, its incredibly sad. So as HP would, we want to help, we always look for the silver lining in a situation and what we can do to make things better, or maybe just easier. So we sat staring at these Tulas we thought what better than to help our community, the community who comes in to our store and buys diapers, shares their birth stories or just comes in to say hey for some interaction. Without our community we wouldn't be where we are today, obviously we love our online family and their support for us but our local community is home, we know our customers when they walk in and their children and their favorite prints and least favorite scents and they know us too, so we felt like it was meant to be to give back. 
Okay, so theres my sappy-ness for the day, possibly even for the week week. I'm really not one for sadness and sap, everything I can turn into a joke or a laugh, I do. I didn't win class clown in middle and high school for nothing, I seriously take pride in the fact that I can usually make people laugh and turn a sad situation into a happy one, it may be one of my best qualities (ha ha). 
We have also released an exclusive amber necklace from the Amber Tree, as seen in the picture of me! Okay so a little bit of back story...a few years ago I looked at amber necklaces and was a complete downer about them, "OMG what if my child chokes?" or "How could these things possibly work?" What a scam, right? No, completely wrong, all of it! I admit when I'm wrong and I definitely was! My oldest daughter, Oliviana, whom I also call Liv, suffered from terrible eczema from the time she was about 2 1/2 - we tried creams, soy-wax candles, various lotions, I probably would have tapped my head and spun around 20 times if it would have helped with her eczema. Well I got introduced to a hazel wood necklace (actually at HP!) and within weeks it was almost all cleared up, I was A-MAZED! So I got to thinking if these hazel wood necklaces worked, why not give amber a try and by then I had a new baby who would inevitably be teething in a few months so why not? I bought an amber necklace for my youngest daughter, Nora Kate and 13 teeth later, we've never had classic teething problems with her. So what do you think I did next? I bought more! Of course because thats what all great consumers do! (See I'm really just like y'all!) I suffer, and I mean SUFFER from headaches, I feel it coming on hours before they hit and when they hit, I'm down - can't drive, eat, focus, talk or really do any basic human functions. I got an adult amber necklace for myself, I figured why not and by this time I was working at Holistic Parent and figured even if the darn thing doesn't work for me,  I can still look cute and sport a product that we sell! But it worked, and I'm not one to tell people that something works when it doesn't, before working at HP, I was a consumer and I'm still a consumer who values honesty and real testimonies when asked if something works and THIS works. I will disclaim and say that it worked for me, its worked for my children, Im not 100% certain if it would work for EVERYONE or everyones child but it has worked for me and mine and it has been a game changer for us. I was taking ibuprofen EVERY.SINGLE.DAY sometimes more than once a day just to get through the day and be able to function, I've worn an amber necklace since June and I've had to take it 3 times, a whopping 3 TIMES, so I will stick by my claim that they work! 
If you haven't had a chance to check out our Amber Tree exclusives, you really should! The colors are so earthy and rich, they literally go with EVERYTHING in your wardrobe. The price points are pretty decent for the 11 and 13 inch, I will admit and say that the adult sized ones are a little steep at $55 but I would pay 3X that if it meant no headaches! And headaches aren't the only things they help with, thats just my own testimony with them but they've helped different people with different ailments and pains.
So because were giving and love people to try different products we've went ahead and created coupons for the 11 and 13 inch Amber Tree necklaces, the adults ones are unfortunately not included at this time, I'm sorry :(
11inch code = TAKE10HP
13inch code =  TAKE10
We hope you LOVE these necklaces, their amazing unicorn-powers and the rich colors! As October comes to a close we will begin releasing Black Friday deals in the next upcoming weeks, we are so excited to bring you more awesome products and awesome deals at HP! 

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  • Amanda H.: December 07, 2016

    Love your hair in this picture! HP is a favorite store now, especially on TPT!

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